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How It Works

So, HOW do we help you to never worry about bookkeeping again? It's done through our proprietary 3-step system:

Step 1:


First, we work with you to clarify your goals. Next, we do a deep dive analysis of where you are now with your practice finances. Only when this is complete and there is complete clarity for you and for us do we move onto...

Step 2:


Next, we get busy creating custom bookkeeping to fulfill your goals. This includes creating financial reporting that is: a) HVAC specific, b) simple to understand and c) helps us all to see how we can...

Step 3:


Bookkeeping is historical. Optimization means that we study the past to affect positive change on future finances. This is us helping you to meet and exceed your income goals. This requires ever-changing plans for you to thrive.

Hear From Our Clients

These guys are the best! I own an air conditioning company. Nu-IDee helped me clean up my books, organize all of my QuickBooks accounts, and helped me with tax planning! I have never been more confident in a company's ability to help me with anything, let alone, trusting someone to handle something as important as bookkeeping and tax planning. Everything has been very well organized and efficient throughout the cleanup process. I am very happy that I chose Nu-IDee, and will continue to use them with ANY business that I start.

Caleb O.

I own a kitchen and bath remodeling business and I worked with Viviana remotely to clean up and maintain my books. She was extremely professional and organized. She made the transmittal of receipts easy with the use of an app. Her reports were always timely and gave me a good perspective on my business. I would recommend her highly.

Robert S.

Viviana Reca HVAC Bookkeeper

Why Us?

Early in 2016, Viviana was working as a Full Charge Bookkeeper for a profitable business. At that time, she created a digital bookkeeping workflow. Soon after, she decided it was time to help more than one business owner with their systems and workflows.

In 2017, she open Nu-IDee, LLC. Since then, we have had the opportunity to help many business owners create the same digital proven bookkeeping system. We truly enjoy helping our clients concentrate on what they love to do while they know that they have secure digital books and an experienced team of advisors by their side.

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Turn your bookkeeping nightmare into a dream

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